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I’m a Women’s Mentor and Author. My passion for working with women stems from my fascination and study of human behaviour, combined with a lifetime of living in different countries where I had the opportunity to meet, listen to and learn, from a plethora of women from all walks of life.
Valentina is motivated, energetic and trustworthy and is dedicated to making your move a great one. Her ability to think on her feet and keen negotiation skills will ensure you get the best outcome for your sale. With a strong work ethic she always strives to achieve beyond her customers expectations.
Jen is a passionate communicator who facilitates learning, discovery and change for individuals and groups. Dynamic and wise, she invites people to go on a journey of discovering the deeper truths underlying surface symptoms and issues, ultimately leading towards positive change and new possibilities. She is brilliant at teaching people how to communicate better.
Office Workers can experience: Stiffness of neck with constantly looking downwards Lower Back pain due to sitting for long periods Stiffness in the legs from sitting for long periods due to lack of circulation I offer treatment plans that are personally tailored to help individual reduce common pain such as lower back pain and or headaches.
JOYN is an innovative and cost-effective recruitment model saving thousands of dollars on outsourced HR & Recruitment services
The Wheel Magician Limited is a mobile service specialising in repairs to kerb damaged alloy wheels on cars, vans, utes, motorbikes and boat trailers. We provide a quality, on site alloy wheel repair service, ensuring your vehicle is repaired quickly and effectively.