Connect, Share and Get Leads

In just one hours and 45 minutes your small business will get a huge boost from connecting, sharing and learning with likeminded peers - other small business owners.

This event is for you - the small business owner.   REGISTER NOW

The Small Business Forum is always in high demand.  Feedback from attendees of earlier events say  it’s energising and gave  them to speak up and connect with others in a similar situation.

This time around we have some outstanding speakers too who will share tips on how to get authentic engagement and more from your marketing.

Speakers List:

All Over IT  
Annie Jackson

Anna McKinlay Coaching 

Creativa Design     
Maribel Aburto & Vera Padilha
TOP TIPS -  Most important places to start from with marketing

Vision Digital  
David Cross       
TOP TIPS - Authentic engagement with your audience once they are on your CRM

Barlovska Craft
Zuzanna Chmielewska-Barlow