13 JUNE 2018

There’s a saying: "Without your health you’ve got nothing” by Ric Flair, so understandably, we’re all very interested in medical advancements that not only improve how long we live but also the way we live and how we combat diseases. 

Boulcott Hospital’s Health & Business Series – Breakfast with Dr Swee T. Tan will be a revelation. Dr Tan is well known internationally for his research in vascular birthmarks and cancer and there’s been some great stuff happening in this area, that could change our perception of the 'C word' and how we soon deal to it; so if only to satisfy your curiosity, you’ll want to attend this Breakfast and hear first hand from an expert the latest developments in treatment. 

For example did you know about this…

A new cancer treatment developed by the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute is being trailled for glioblastoma, a devastating brain cancer, which could revolutionise how the cancer is treated.

If proven effective, the cancer could be treated at home - without chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery. Patients would instead take commonly used, inexpensive medications. The treatment would cost a fraction of current treatments.

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Boulcott Hospital is the sponsor of: 
Health & Business Series – Breakfast with Dr Swee T. Tan 

Where: Boulcott Farm Heritage Golf Club, Military Road, Lower Hutt 
When: Friday 29 June, 2018, 7.30am-9am