How Did We Perform in 2018

It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of yet another year.

Has 2018 been productive for you and your business? It’s not over yet of course, however for the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, our events, including the learning and development seminars, wrap up in November.

In this blog post, we’ve taken the time recently to conduct a quick review, of our events and highlights, with a focus on how they performed for you, i.e our valued members and visitors.

Highlights in 2018

There have been many highlights throughout the year for us and we can share the following information with you.

This information is in no particular order, and please allow for E&OE. Our review is our interpretation and the numbers presented are an estimate and are subject to change.

We are delighted to report there have been 133 events including the Learning and Development seminars held this year with approximately 1100 people in attendance.

All HVCC events offer attendee business networking opportunities and the feedback we get confirms it’s time that is well spent. At our events, our attendees meet their peers in business and foster future collaborations.

Arranging to meet in person, particularly with people we haven’t met yet is no easy task, and that’s why our networking time during all our events is welcomed and long may it continue!

Learning and Development in 2018

In 2018 we ran more Learning and Development seminars than in previous years. This year our total number of seminars and workshops is 50, which is a record for us and we aspire to reach the same goal in 2019.

Wellington Regional Business Excellence Award Evening

HVCC also had another successful and fabulous Wellington Region Business Excellence Award Event with 500 attending at the Lower Hutt Events Centre.

Celebrating with the finalists, winners and sponsors, as well as rejoicing in the 75 years as an incorporated society was a wonderful milestone.

Looking at the history of our Chamber, the advocacy, submissions, events, advice and learning, have in principal, not wavered from our overriding vision.

On reflection, HVCC has evolved well over the years; embracing change, particularly with technology, and we’re now working with more organisations than we’ve done so in previous years, which makes what we do so enjoyable.

All organisations have challenges to cope with and we’re no different. Changing board members and staff is never easy but of course a necessity.

So what of our event speakers in 2018? Who have we had and which would we say have been most memorable?

Speakers in 2018

The list is long and includes: the Hon. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Hon. Grant Robertson, Hon. Stuart Nash, Simon Bridges, Lance Walker, Dame Annette King, Christine Bartlett, Jess Stuart, Scott Simpson & John McDermott and of course many more speakers involved in numerous events ran in 2018.

Event Series

HVCC event series have proven so popular you can be rest assured they are to continue in 2019. These include: Digital Communication & Social Media, Divestment Series, Health & Business Series, Technology & Innovation Series, and Economic Infrastructure Series as well as: Spotlight After 5 events.

Spotlight events with Vodafone, Forsyth Barr, Mediaworks, and Crowe Horwath all received great feedback. The list would be very long if we listed them all.

Our Members and their membership

Providing events, and learning & development seminars and workshops for our members and visitors is a top priority for us and we will continue to make sure your business makes the most of your membership with us.

Needless to say your membership is important to us and we therefore strive to offer more value. We’ve now got an impressive list of local and regional businesses who offer discounts and deals for our members and as the list continues to grow, the reward is there for our HVCC members. We get feedback regularly and some of the cost savings for their business pays for their membership so their membership is a no-brainer!

Christmas & New Year

The Hutt Valley Chamber staff would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a special Christmas and Happy New Year with your family and friends. Come back refreshed from your summer holidays ready to take on another year in 2019. Best wishes and happy holidays.