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Magnify Consulting
Magnify Consulting
There’s been a massive shift in the way we do business. Yes, you can still take steps to grow your revenue. We can help.

We’re the business development manager you wish you had, helping you discover and execute on revenue growth strategies while maintaining full control and visibility of your customer data.

You’ll get practical, real world experience of growing sales in tough times, of increasing revenue for companies stuck in a rut. We help you to do the same with clear communication and honest, no-nonsense advice.

Some of the questions we help you answer include:

• How do you grow revenue when the economic landscape has been utterly changed?
• You know you need to pivot, but where to?
• Where will the growth opportunities be in the post-COVID-19 world?

Here’s how we do it:

1. We research, strategise, plan, and execute on your revenue growth strategy, partnering with you to prioritise the sales and marketing tasks that will deliver optimal ROI.

2. We optimise your sales processes and enhance your customer experience to protect and grow your revenue. We focus on client retention first, then analyse your sales pipeline to increase your conversion rate and identify new markets to drive business development and grow your revenue.

3. We help you establish a core sales process that enhances your buyer journey, both online and offline.

For SMEs, we are your outsourced business development manager with on-demand sales capability when you need it and paused when you don’t.

For medium to large corporates, we help you with revenue growth strategies, strategic account management and relationship building to deliver long-term results.

Other services include:

• Sales/Business Writing – blogs, business profiles
• Virtual Sales and Online Events

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Let’s grow your revenue.
Phone Number:
027 578 1920
Ground Floor, Survey House, 21-29 Broderick Road, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037

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