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Thursday, May 3, 2018

They were included in a food hamper along with 9 other New Zealand products and given during Jacinda Ardern’s private meeting with the Queen, as part of her recent London visit for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

We have been sitting on this secret for quite a while now and it’s been hard to keep a lid on the excitement.  We are a very small, artisan bakery in the Hutt Valley and were so surprised when the call came through.

A Karaka based country grocery store, Paddock to Pantry, was approached to put together a selection of NZ artisan foods suitable for the Queen and Totara Cottage was included to supply a biscuit component for the hamper.

Between us we gave considerable thought as to which of our products would most appeal to the Queen.  We tossed up between our Lime Melting Moments, Balsamic Cheese Crackers or our Triple Chocolate Anzacs.  In the end the timing was perfect for an Anzac theme so the decision was made. The gift hamper was beautiful and we were very proud of our biscuits sitting front and centre .

All Totara Cottage products are hade made in small batch lots and taste just like home baking should.  Perfect for the Queen.   We like to be a little innovative and our Anzacs follow this theme with white and dark chocolate added to the traditional Anzac recipe and then each biscuit is half dipped in dark chocolate, all by hand.

They are perfect with a cup of tea and we have been enjoying imagining the Queen sitting in a drawing room with a cuppa and an Anzac.

Normally our Triple Chocolate Anzacs are only available seasonally, leading up to Anzac Day.   So that all our customers can share this opportunity we are extending their season for two more months.  We think they will make a perfect Mothers’ Day present  - ‘treat your mother like a queen’. 

 Christine Stopforth

027 230 4116

 2 May 2018