Members and non members are welcome to attend the HVCC our Mastermind Groups.


For the last couple of years the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce has been running the very successful Mastermind Groups designed to help smaller businesses integrate into the Chamber learning and development programme.


We are aware that whether a business is large or small, all owners have common ground and face many of the same issues on a day-to-day basis.


The format is for the group to meet monthly either in the evening between 5.30 – 7.30pm on a specific date or a morning group from 8.30 to 10.00 am. Participants are required to sign a confidentiality agreement at the start of the meeting.


What’s involved?

It’s well known that the role of the owner of a small business can be a lonely place. We also hear regularly of the need to spend time working ON the business and not just IN the business.

If we only ever work IN, we will eventually burn out!


They say a good ratio is 70% IN the business and 30% ON

While our Mastermind group will only meet once a month for about 1½ hours, it is a start and you’ll surprised by how the benefits will start to flow.


What is a mastermind group?

It is a group of like-minded people who want to support each other in taking the next giant leap in their business thinking and results.

We will have up to 8 people.

Before you express interest you need to ask yourself, are you a …

Positive person? Because we don’t negative people who would drain the energy of the others in the group.

Are you an entrepreneurial person? (ie. willing to take a few risks)

Are you someone who looks for solution? (Or … someone who focuses on the problem)

Are you a self-starter?

Is this mastermind group right for me?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to at least three (3) of these questions, then Mastermind could be right for you.


Why do Mastermind groups make a difference?

They are FOCUSED– each person is there because each person states what they want from the group with regards to their business AND themselves

They create ACCOUNTABILITY – There is something about having said “over the next month I will ….”

Mastermind groups create SELF knowledge; they make us look in the mirror with particular regard to our purpose and our motivation.

Like-minded people create SYNERGY – ideas will bounce around like lightening because of the personalities and energy of the participants

They are totally HONEST – The group will soon send a strong message if any member starts playing “games” (ie. isn’t acting in the best interests of the whole group)



The facilitators for these sessions are John Eaden a former business banking specialist with 30+ years working mainly with SMEs and Jared Bothwell who has his own business and has found these groups very beneficial.



“A couple of years ago joining the Chamber seemed like a good idea – I was starting my own business so the training and networking opportunities was a good investment. Then the Chamber came up with the idea of Business4six Forum (now called Mastermind ) and I was lucky enough to be included in the first group of six. So far we’ve had two meeting, other group have started, and I’m delighted with the benefits. In fact I’m beginning to think that this opportunity is worth the price of membership alone.

What you get for s nominal charge is a virtual board. You get challenge by people who have expertise and the experience to ask some searching questions; and you get ideas and different perspectives from your peers, who are facing the same up and downs. The advice is supportive, practical, insightful and helpful. It’s up to you what you want out or it, what you take from it … and what you do with it


If you wish to find out more about this exciting opportunity or booking a place, please call Anna Geremia-Young, Membership Manager on 939 9826 or email