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Leading communication experts Trusted and experienced, we work with people who struggle to use their computer, read print or who may prefer dictating rather than typing by offering assessments, training and support. Our client base includes: People who may have struggled through school because of learning issues & now need help dealing with tertiary study or employment. • People like myself who because of a specific impairment need to use specialized technology to run a business or contribute fully in employment. • Corporate clients who may prefer to use dictation software to dictate rather than type. • Older people who may be struggling to read print or use computers because of failing eye sight. • Business who want to make sure they are fully accessible for people with disabilities or impairments. Our Understanding Disability in the Workplace workshops will help you break down some of the barriers faced by people with disabilities in the workplace. Opportunities for people with disabilities are often limited by restricted opportunities and not by their actual disability. Although one in four people in New Zealand have some form of disability or impairment, most have little or no barrier to working in some kind of paid employment given the right support. This means that over 800,000 New Zealanders could be part of the workforce if the obstacles to their employment were removed. Dragon speech recognition software is a great tool for improving productivity in the workplace. Letters, documents and notes can be dictated, transcribed and proofed directly into the appropriate computer application, saving time and reducing paperwork as well as eliminating the risk of missed deadlines and inefficient reporting. For users with repetitive stress injuries Dragon changes the way they interact with the computer. They can be fully productive without aggravating their condition. For others, using Dragon speech recognition can help prevent repetitive stress injuries in the first place. Kind regards, Genevieve MNZM Adaptive Technology Solutions