Andrew Hardwick
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Hypnotherapy is not just about helping people to lose weight! Having said that, Andrew is very successful at enabling clients to lose weight, through the world renown and clinically trialled Virtual Gastric Band Program (VGB). In business you want results, so you set targets for yourself, your team and your company. Sell 10 cars Fix 10 computers Write 10 insurance policies Attract 10 new members The majority of your team will hit their targets, one or two may fall short and others will exceed your expectations. But what is the difference that makes the difference between the under-achievers, achievers and over-achievers? Memory and knowledge of products? Confidence? How easily do they build rapport with clients? Are they motivated? Memory, knowledge, confidence, rapport building and motivation are all aspects of MINDSET! If ALL your employees could change their mindset, raise the bar and perform at the level of your best employee, what would that be worth to you, your team, your company and your shareholders? Our outcomes focused Hypnotherapy & Coaching services are the perfect tools for creating a mindset for success in you and your team. Call Andrew for a FREE 30 minute consultation to ask how we can help (Value $75 incl. GST) Andrew Hardwick -Founder of Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy in 2009 -Clinical Hypnotherapist trained in analytical, supportive and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy & NLP -Virtual Gastric Band Registered Practitioner -HypnoFertility Consultant (Hypnosis to treat infertility) -Smoking Cessation Practitioner -Trainer for New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy -Life Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Abundance Coach -Registered General Nurse & Registered Mental Health Nurse, in UK & NZ -Quality & Projects Manager at Capital & Coast DHB and Southern Cross Hospital, Wellington -Tai Chi Instructor Hypnotherapy & Coaching clinics in Upper Hutt, Petone, Wellington & via Skype
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