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Anna McKinlay
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I help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and work-from-home professionals to: - Get super clear about what’s really important and what’s not, - Focus their time and energy on the things that matter most, and - Stay motivated and on track to their goals, So they can have a profitable, rewarding business AND the balanced life they dream of. As a personal success coach and trainer, I’ve coached individuals and groups to help them develop the mindset and HABITS for success … and to make success sustainable in their businesses and their entire lives. If this sounds intriguing, go to to schedule a free strategy session with me. My specialties include: Mindset – teaching you how to master your inner game, so you can become unassailable. Goal achievement – helping you take consistent, continuous action towards your goals, in all areas of your life. Self-leadership – giving you the systems to stay focused and on track each and every day, and to make your success sustainable. Productivity and time management – showing you how to stay focused and energized, so that you leverage your time … and free up more time for the things you love. Health – taking a habit-based approach to help you become automatically disposed towards a healthy lifestyle … for life. So that you can become more energized, more productive, and get more joy out of life! Consultative selling skills – delivering advanced communication skills for you to build the rapport and trust, uncover the need, and help your prospects to the solution they desire Inspirational public speaking - to lift your group to a whole new level! On a personal note, I love connecting with great people - sharing interesting ideas, good wine, and good food. I love getting out into the world, going on trips with the family in our campervan, bush walking, biking, exercising, yoga, music, practicing my golf-swing. And, lately, practicing the ukulele! Let’s connect :-)
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