Bartercard New Zealand

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36A Seaview Rd Seaview Wellington
Bartercard New Zealand is part of the world’s largest trade exchange, attracting new customers and increasing sales. The concept allows businesses to exchange goods and services using Trade Dollars, instead of using cash. It has 6,000-member businesses across New Zealand, approx. 15,000 cardholders, 13 local branches and trades more than $150million worth of goods and services outside the cash economy each year. Trade Dollars are a well-recognised and accepted method of payment in New Zealand with one Trade Dollar being equivalent to one New Zealand dollar for all accounting and taxation purposes. Bartercard aims to increase business by 5-10% (based also on your own business requirements) and increases your net cash profit. For more information on what Bartercard is (and what it isn’t), access the free eBook ‘How to use Barterard to grow your business’ by visiting