Claudia Disney
027 776 3478
Ever wanted to have your own gym? Dreaming of a place where you can work out without people watching or judging you? That is exactly what Basic Orange offers: a private gym that feels like home where you reach your fitness goals with your very own personal trainer. Basic Orange trainers are qualified people ready to share their knowledge with you. Basic Orange specialises in injury prevention and the strengthening of existing injuries and niggles. We have no contracts, guarantee you will be strong and fit if you stick to your schedule, and give you all our health and weight loss secrets. The owner and founder of Basic Orange has after all been there, done that: Claudia was overweight a couple of years ago, and figured out what it takes to lose 35 kg’s. So she created a 100% private fitness studio where she can help others in a private and relaxed environment. Basic Orange clients have good reason to ask for privacy: some people are shy and don’t want to be seen exercising. Others are celebrities looking for a private place to de-stress. And some people simply don’t want their friends to know how they are getting into shape. So whatever your reason, give Basic Orange training a try. Your first consultation is free, what do you have to lose besides stress and weight?
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