Elizabeth Stein
022 046 6152
75 Ghuznee Street Level 6 (follow signs for Aroha-Acupuncture)
Elizabeth has been a licensed practitioner and body healer since 2005 and has studied health for far longer. Her training and experience are wide ranging and include remedial/corrective massage, reiki, pregnancy massage, holistic pelvic care for women only (Tami Lynn Kent method) and Arvi-go® Belly Therapy. Elizabeth is also a teacher in the EmbodyBirth® method and Maya Arvigo® Therapy Trainings Level 1. Elizabeth specializes in belly troubles (mostly women) through gentle and extrenal belly, hip and lower back therapies. Below is a short list of what can be helped with her various belly therapy techniques. -Womb health -Natural fertility enhancement -PMT/PMS -Fibroids & Cysts -Endometriosis -PMS headaches -Constipation -Painful period -Pregnancy preparation -Digestive issues -Uterine prolapse (early stage) -Urinal incontience -Anxiety -Aid fertility technology -Belly adhesions -Post-pregnancy recovery -Lower back issues -Tailbone pain -Urinal urgency -Menopause pain -Pelvic pain -Scar tissue management -Staying healthy and more…. This belly and back work is highly specialized and unique in New Zealand. There are only a handful of Arvigo Therapists® and teachers in New Zealand and worldwide. Anyone of any age and gender will benefit greatly from a belly session with Elizabeth. The belly work is especially good for wom-en’s troubles, some men’s troubles (prostate and bladder) and is fabulous for children and young adults. For young women and girls, the work it is a gift, and sets them up for life for better periods, conceptions and aging. Elizabeth’s other specialties are in corrective massage with sciatica, neck, shoulder, arm, and plan-tar fascitis. She is a lifestyle wellness coach and can help you learn to shop and eat healthily. She also gives private informative and inspirational talks to interested groups and organizations.