Zareen Sheikh-Cope
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Have you ever heard a story where two people have been involved in the exact same traumatic event, yet their ability to cope has been vastly different? Have you ever found yourself confiding in a friend about a situation that’s bothering you? Finding out what they would do in your shoes? Only to find out that they would deal with it in a different way? Emotional Resilience is our ability to cope with adversity in life. People who cope best with the ‘ups and downs’ of life are the ones with the greatest Emotional Resilience. These are the people who are able to recognise and manage their emotions in a healthy way. Poor Emotional Resilience can lead to a plethora of problems including: negative body image, strained relationships, feelings of inadequacy, lack of personal development, unfulfilling careers, financial worries, anxiety and burn out. Where do I come in? In addition to my life-long fascination and study of human behaviour, I’ve lived in several countries, and worked amongst and with a large number of women. Whilst the types of women I was exposed to were diverse, the same could not be said for the stories I kept hearing. The same hang ups, the same worries, the same self-beat ups, the same fears of judgment, the social media effect and not living up to expectations. This all led to me to set up my business. To share what I have learned, and continue to learn, on my journey in helping women build their own emotional resilience. I do this work through speaking events, workshops, writing and working with people one-on-one. To find out more visit my website or contact me directly. Thank you xx Zareen Sheikh-Cope Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor