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CAC Electrical Tag Testing is all about hassle free, friendly and competent customer service, ensuring you, your staff and customers are kept safe. And your business is meeting it obligation under the Health and Safety at Work legislation. Electrical Tag Testing is a precautionary process which checks, tests and ensures all of the portable electrical items in your workplace are correctly tested to the relevant standard. At CAC Electrical Tag Testing, we undertake a visual inspection of all your appliances and tools first, to identify any obvious problems. We then test all of your appliances with a Portable Appliance Tester (P.A.T) to AS/NZS3670 standards with pre-set tolerances, which ensures the integrity in our process. If the appliance passes the electrical testing process, it is then fitted with a durable, non-reusable tag. If it fails any stage of electrical testing, the technician will consult with the client as to the process needed to repair or dispose of the item / appliance. We specialise solely in electrical testing with advanced and efficient, test and tagging equipment. We do not carry out repairs, therefore have no vested interest in failing equipment just so we can charge for a costly repair. CAC Electrical Tag Testing has a current health and safety policy for working in your workplace. All of our technicians hold additional qualifications in workplace safety and advanced medical training should an emergency occur. We provide comprehensive reports at the conclusion of testing which show every item tested and what its results are. Each item is numbered and given a bar code for future testing and the testing report can be used as an asset register, and for internal audit and insurance purposes. All reporting is free of charge and included in the per tag rate.