Darcy Mellsop
021 701 848
ci lab’s purpose is to help organisations of all sizes run like clockwork. Every organisation wants to improve, quickly, and continuously. Adopting a continuous improvement (ci) approach in your culture means having an engaged team to discover and gain every advantage, and eliminating today’s problems so they are not experienced again tomorrow. We do this by streamlining unwieldy processes and reduce rework and errors that are stopping good work being done. The results are tangible and sustainable, and include better business performance, happier staff and vastly improved customer interactions. Need proof? Here’s some hard data from a selection of ci lab’s recent projects: -Through improving one application process, Immigration New Zealand saved $1.7 million in employee time and 11,000 days of customer waiting time per annum. -New Zealand Post reduced the time taken for a critical process from 5.9 days to 1.1 days. -The Aviation Security Service slashed by 48% the queuing time at Wellington International Airport’s domestic departure security gates. Our approach to continuous improvement is to build and unleash people’s capability to improve an organisation’s performance – and we leave the capability to continually improve in the businesses we support. ci lab specialise in all aspects of continuous improvement: -from assessing and reporting on current performance to designing, developing and implementing comprehensive continuous improvement engagements -engaging leaders to adopt, support and embed continuous improvement practices and principles -helping organisations to build on or improve their in-house continuous improvement practices through customised, highly interactive training programmes. ci lab is run by Darcy Mellsop – who can be contacted on 021 701 848, or if you want to email or catch up for a coffee: