Aaron Lewis & Vincent Jagers
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The only construction company you’ll ever need to deal with! We’re lovers of construction that only want the best for anyone needing a construction project delivered. That’s why we created Clark Construction Services back in 1989; a company passionate about handling all aspects of any sized construction project. Our company manages all aspects of our customers’ construction needs, whether it be as the main contractor on large-scale commercial builds or taking care of residential repairs and alterations. By using Clark Construction Services our customers can sit back and relax in the knowledge that they are dealing with accomplished professionals who will nurture their project from start to finish. We’ve got New Zealand covered; using our bases in Upper Hutt and Christchurch our agile team can get to any project in New Zealand. Having had a presence in Christchurch for so long we’ve become masters of earthquake related construction issues, such as earthquake strengthening and crack repairs. Wellington has suffered many of these issues recently and our teams are out there every day using their experience to make Wellington a safer place. Next time you or anybody you know embark on a construction-related journey do yourself or them a favour and think “Clark Construction Services.” Retaining Walls Commercial Work Speights Ale House - Project work