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Is this you? The future's a bit fuzzy….. • You think you are clear on where you want your business to go, but not so clear on what needs to be in place to get there. You're too busy…. • You get involved in everything because doing it yourself is the only way to make sure anything is done right. You have to be there… • You can't leave your business to run itself because you worry that your staff can't do without you. • You're not comfortable with compliance • You worry that something related to compliance will catch you unawares. Is your business as good as it gets? If none of these main three apply, we would say your business pretty close to is as good as it gets. You'd be able to show anyone, such as a new customer or investor that: • You have clear lines of sight across your business from go to whoa; front to back and side to side. • Your customers think you are a delight, • Your staff are clearly on the same page as you, and • Your returns are impressive. How good would it feel…? • If any of the three above ring a bell with you, how good would it feel if it didn't? And… • How good does it feel that help is not far away? Clearline Services Ltd offers advice and support that enables businesses to operate at their best through clearly defining where they want to go and the systems to match. Some of these relate to production and service provision but others are to do with vital admin support functions such as purchasing, payroll, OSH and training. Its all about Rules and Tools…you can't have one without the other. The idea is to set things up clearly and simply, to make the skills of your best people accessible to everyone, and hopefully, to develop new skills in your business that will keep you on track over time. We call it having "clear lines of sight" across the business. So if you spend more time working IN your business than working ON it or, for example, you rely on the knowledge of individuals in key areas, or it feels like your business is running you rather than the other way round, Clearline Services can help you find a better way. And if you need help to meet external standards such as ISO 9001 for Quality Systems, or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) for Food Safety, or ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, or 4801 based systems for OSH, or GMPs for medical devices we can help with that too, without re-inventing any wheels. If this sets you thinking and you'd like a bit more information call Ian for a no-obligation chap, Ian's happy to buy the coffee! Clearline Services Ltd is Bartercard registered.
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