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Extrinsic helps clients to think outside the box, test their business boundaries, and do things that they have not done before. We help our clients move into their own “future business space”. Extrinsic works with companies that want to do things outside of the routine and ordinary - through innovation, and by adopting new and different ways of looking at the world. Any change in the way that a business conducts its operations, represents a risk to the business. That is unavoidable. But having people working alongside you, who are well experienced and dedicated to making the change work, and therefore reducing the level of risk, is a prudent path to follow. Extrinsic provides security and expertise in delivering projects that are designed to enhance the value proposition of your company. We start by discussing your desired end-state, and work with you to identify all of the activities that will be required, to make your goal a reality. Our expertise and experience is honed by over 40 years of experience across many industries and countries. Intelligence analysis techniques are combined with engineering and risk management disciplines in order to provide a degree of comfort at board level. We provide support for people to express creative ideas, and to develop those ideas, in ways that will enhance your business proposition. We have sat on company boards, audit and risk committees, and have set up and operated companies and consortia. If you want a checklist of our disciplines and tools, they include: Governance; Project management; Intelligence analysis; Complexity theory; Data analytics; Information and communications technology; Independent Quality Assurance; and Risk Management. So, if your company has a Big Hairy Audacious Goal that you are not sure how best to manage, have a coffee and conversation with us. You might be pleasantly surprised.
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