Hazardous Journey Productions

Zareen Sheikh-Cope
+64 27 579 2943
Hazardous Journey Productions Limited is an independent film production company with a focus on providing education through thoughtful, powerful and enlightening documentaries, short films on mental wellbeing and parenting, books and seminars. We are also involved with setting up initiatives to help make social and policy change. At the moment, we are in the process of making a trilogy of documentaries focusing on keeping our kids safe online. The first of which is in relation to children's exposure to pornography, the second will be in relation to social media pressures and the third, in relation to the dangers of excessive gaming. Each documentary is accompanied by a book which details our journey researching and making the film, as well as providing parents with resources, specific to each topic. We are also providing educational seminars for parents on keeping kids safe online taken from our research, travels, experience and other knowledge. In May 2019, we came back from three-week road trip from San Francisco to Boston, interviewing and meeting with experts in relation to our first documentary in our 'Our Kids Online' trilogy, and are flying to Melbourne and Sydney in August for our final interviews and meetings with more experts. The trailer for our first trilogy documentary "Our Kids Online: The Porn Epidemic' can be found on YouTube - https://youtu.be/P7vSn0wBk3E We are also in talks with Australian experts to obtain their research and legal framework models to use here in New Zealand to implement policy change that will keep our children safer online and help enhance therapeutic measures to help deal with the negative effects of exposure that has already happened.
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