04 566 5145 or 0800 HEAR ALL (432 725)
Clinic locations: Lower Hutt - 212 High Street, Central Lower Hutt Upper Hutt - 17 Geange St, Upper Hut Wellington - Bowen Hospital, Crofton Downs Masterton - 117 High St, Matserton
Hearing Consultants is the only Independent Audiology Provider in the Wellington, Hutt Valley and Masterton region. As we are not owned by a hearing aid manufacture, or overseas chain we can provide you with the best hearing solution at a realistic price, without a high-pressure sales pitch. Hearing aids are small and discrete and come in a range of technologies. It is important to us that we provide you will the very best hearing solution that will fulfil your hearing needs. There are options to help you hear better in noisy environments and on the telephone including Bluetooth. An obligation free trial is absolute necessity so you can decide if a hearing aid is fulfilling your hearing needs. Ongoing support and service is assured form all the Hearing Consultants locations. Funding Options Don’t let lack of funds be an obstacle in your gaining improved hearing, there are many assistance funds available. Check out the following and see whether you qualify for assistance. If you would like help in understanding these see our website or just ask any of our clinic team. Ear wax removal Some people’s ears secrete wax which can build up, eventually blocking the ear canal. Just a simple clean out may reveal that your hearing is not as bad as you think! Our fully qualified ear nurse can remove the build-up which may improve your hearing. Call the Hearing Consultants reception to make an appointment with registered ear nurse. Your appointment is FREE if you have no wax. Wax suction is recommended for those that have: • A history of aural surgery • Those that suffer from tinnitus • Unilateral hearing loss • Swimmers ear • A history of vertigo • Balance problems • Sensitive ears • Itchy ears • Or if you experience general ear discomfort Work place hearing tests Hearing Consultants can come to you in our mobile clinic and test the hearing of your staff in your work place. Our Earvan is sound treated to ISO standards and we provide a quick and easy way to provide baseline and annual hearing tests for your staff. Hearing Consultants are protective of being independent as we are protective of you. You will have peace of mind you have made the right choice
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