Hutt City Women's Refuge

Phillipa Wells
0800 REFUGE (733 8430 (04 569 1040)
32 Pretoria St Lower Hutt
“I thought women’s refuge was only for women who were beaten. My boss was the one who calledthem and he convinced me to talk to them. They supported me in my own home. They never tried to make me leave my partner – instead they supported both me and my partner to learn new ways of communicating and encouraged us to do Stopping Violence courses. We now have a healthier relationship and two children together. We are by no means the perfect couple, but we now know how to use the tools required to avoid full-scale conflict.” A survivor of domestic violence. In New Zealand one in three women will experience family harm within their life time. It is a sad statistic, but we are there for you. As indicated above, we aren’t all about making you leave. It is about where you are at and what you want. We can increase your chances of staying safe in the relationship, help you work toward an improved relationship, or we can help you leave safely. Our service is not just for those physically abused, but for anyone who identifies as female who is experiencing any of the following: • Psychological / emotional abuse • Financial / economic abuse • Physical abuse • Sexual abuse • Isolation • Power & control • Manipulation, blackmail • Spiritual abuse Your abuser can be anyone in your family or household, regardless of their gender or relationship to you. Our office is found at: 32 Pretoria St, Lower Hutt and is open from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday Outside of office hours call: 0800 REFUGE (733 843) – for 24 / 7 crisis help An Advocate operates from a room at the Upper Hutt Women’s Centre – 9am to 2pm every Friday If you feel unsure about taking that big step and using our services, you are welcome at our Friday, 10am coffee morning. Enjoy a coffee and cake in a relaxed atmosphere. Talk about the weather or your hobby or your situation if you wish. Just get comfortable in our hospitable lounge room. To support these services to continue we appreciate the following: • Volunteers to be the voice at the end of the line – 3 or 4 crisis line shifts per month • Donations of any of the following: o Powdered or long-life milk – a cuppa makes a huge difference o Toilet paper o Frozen savouries • Donations from the proceeds of a fundraising event you have organsied
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