Amaria Osman
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Level 2 318 Lambton Quay Wellington
JOYN is an innovative and cost-effective recruitment model saving thousands of dollars on outsourced HR & Recruitment services. JOYN Consultants work remotely or on site; minimal overheads mean huge cost savings that are passed directly onto our clients. Recruitment “as a service” “on demand” NO Fees, is a new way of driving the service up and the cost down. Our JOYN Consultants are paid and charged out by the hour, their focus is delivery as they become an extension of your business, like having your own HR or Recruitment Advisor only on call as and when you need. They take away the time-consuming and often stressful task of recruiting and are experts at screening and sourcing talent. They can perform dedicated targeted searches for hard to fill roles or talent that is scarce. There is huge flexibility and control on your part as they do as much or as little as you need. End to end or just part there of the recruitment process. We’ve completed 1000+ assignments and worked with 350+ clients and growing. With Consultants Nationwide we can match the best person for you and your business. The consultants: JOYN draws from an active recruiter community of over 80 experienced recruiters. All JOYN Consultants are assessed and reference checked and held accountable via an uber-style rating system. Due to the flexible nature of the JOYN offering, we’re able to provide senior consultants at a mid-level price point. We match the right Consultant for your needs e.g. Govt, IT, Executive, Business Support, Finance, Construction, Automotive, Blue Collar & Trades, Technical, Logistics, Supply Chain, Manufacturing etc. Systems & Administration Access to our purpose-built platform allows you to view Consultant activity, sign off hours and adverts, view shortlists and notes and track your spend. Complete visibility is yours. All collateral belongs to you. Hire one or 5 from the process immediately or later down the track, you won’t be charged multiple fees. We don’t charge any fees! Objective: Supporting your business with a professional seamless and low stress recruitment process that is cost effective and outcomes focussed. A JOYN Recruiter works with your business to complete a full briefing to agree needs, activity and actions required to attract and recruit a successful candidate(s) for your business. Advertising will be discussed and advised on for the best approach. Cost: $120-$180+GST depending on the complexity of assignment. Also chargeable up to $50/month phone expense. Job board advertising and other marketing costs are on charged, but are usually obtainable by JOYN at lower rates. Additional services such as police, drug and alcohol checks also available at cost. Points to note: Hours can vary depending on the level of role and scarcity of qualified talent but usually fit within 20-40 hours. JOYN assignments typically work out to be a much more cost effective and service focussed option over Recruitment Agency with up to 50% savings if not more. Next Steps: Meeting or call with Amaria Osman - Business Manager to discuss and cover any questions. Review and acceptance of our terms of business. Confirm if you are happy to proceed. We match you with a Consultant to get started.
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