JT Consulting - Communication Consultant

Jen Tyson
0274 407388
Visionary, and energetic, I am brilliant at teaching people how to communicate better, as managers, leaders, organizations, businesses, and within teams, helping them navigate and master the art of communication both internally and externally. I love the concept that we are communicating 100% of the time and the evolving challenge of helping get key messages to hit the mark, to bring about intended outcomes, improve relationships internally as well as with clients and customers, and to achieve communication objectives. With a proven and strong history of stakeholder engagement, marketing communications, marketing channel strategy and management, communication training and coaching, my skill set is vast and has been applied to short term projects as well as the development of businesses. Facilitation background: My exceptional communication skill set, coupled with years working with diverse and sometimes complex groups across both the public and private sectors, has meant I have developed an ability to keep people on track and focus on what is important to achieve outcomes in a set time frame. This has seen me work through conflict management situations, chair meetings, leadership summits, workshops and training sessions. I work with business owners, managers and leaders to improve the following areas: * Communication and presenting * Growth implementation * Marketing Strategy & Planning * Marketing content creation and writing for results * Change management * Executive time and energy management * Management & Leadership development. * Sales & Marketing, training, coaching and implementation In addition to my consulting and coaching expertise, I am a dynamic trainer and experienced with public speaking, and facilitation in the following: * Developing online seminars (webinars) * Increasing sales * Building up business skills (marketing, networking, presenting, social media, time management) * Effective communication Specialties: Communication consulting, facilitation, executive coaching, people development, organisation change, leadership and management consulting. Marketing communication design, implementation and delivery LinkedIn Profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/jentyson/