Lisa Kinghorn Secretarial Services

Lisa Kinghorn
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Lisa Kinghorn Secretarial Services is a one-stop-shop for business administration. With over 30 years of experience, LKSS provides businesses with the invaluable support they need to run like clockwork. The day-to-day stresses of running a business can really add up. It’s all those little daily details that eat up valuable time; time that could be spent building your business. That’s where we can help. Whether it’s support for a one-off project or a few hours of help each week, clients enjoy a customised, personalised approach. From large companies to small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, LKSS offers a professional and efficient service to clients all over New Zealand. Here’s some of what we can help you with: General Administration, including: ● Copy typing (from handwritten notes or documents) ● Purchasing and setting up office and IT equipment, furniture and stationery ● Meeting and event logistics ● Recruitment and on-boarding new staff ● Completing business forms, e.g. membership registrations, insurance applications etc ● Digital Transcription, including videos, board/committee proceedings, medical notes and interviews ● Drafting business templates such as letters, forms, contracts, timesheets etc ● Basic set up of social media pages. Accounts Administration, including: ● Setting up accounting software (data entry of inventory, suppliers and customers, professional branded templates for invoices, quotes and purchase orders) ● Filling in credit application forms ready for signature ● Setting up filing system for retention of invoices and receipts Virtual Assistance ● Email management, including setting up email filing system and rules so only important emails are seen first ● Travel logistics, from flights and accommodation to visa applications and foreign currency ● Meeting, function and retreat management and logistics, including venue, catering, transport, stationery, AV, minutes, prizes, gifts and more. ● Recruitment support including interview appointments and packs, on-boarding packs and drafting offer letters / contracts. Board Secretary ● Locating appropriate venues and ensuring dietary requirements are met ● Organising agenda and timeline, plus collation and distribution of agenda papers ● Accurate minute taking and timely minute distribution ● Diligent Boardbooks experience. Get in touch today!
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