For property management in Wellington and the Hutt Valley, take all the stress out of your rental property and get managemyproperty to look after it for you. Whether you have a rental investment, or your business takes you to another city or country and you want to retain ownership of your family home, have your property fully managed by experienced investors with attention to detail. The managemyproperty team have over 17 years experience in the rental property market and understand what makes a rental property work. Your investment in rental property is a business decision, so the management of your investment is approached in a businesslike way - it's a business and should be making you an ongoing return on your money. Above all, it will always be yours, and that means you should always be in control. Your property will be managed professionally and efficiently, backed up by 6 Guarantees: Guarantee #1 - One Management Fee A simple, transparent, and easy to understand fee structure with no concealed charges, no added costs, and no nasty surprises! Guarantee #2 - Be a Happy Rental Owner Not happy with managemyproperty as a Client Owner? You’ll be offered a solution AND refunded your management fees for one month. Guarantee #3 - Trouble-Free Tenants If your tenant turns feral and starts creating trouble, you'll not pay for Tenancy Tribunal applications, Tribunal Hearings and court attendance. Guarantee #4 - Communication Is The Key You are guaranteed to get a response from your property manager (phone, email) within two working days. Guarantee #5 - Changing to Us is Simple Making the switch from your current property manager really couldn't be easier. Your signature on two forms is all it takes, and everything else is taken care of for you. Guarantee #6 - No Tricky Contract Clauses You won’t be locked into a complicated Management Agreement. No fine print or hidden contract clauses, no notice period, no 30 day locked-in term.