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Here at the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education, our vision is for a future New Zealand in which extraordinary minds do extraordinary things. To help make this happen, we maximise young gifted New Zealanders’ potential through recognition, access and support. We work with gifted children and the adults around them to ensure that young gifted New Zealanders are recognised and celebrated and have equitable access to quality gifted education and a strong support network. We serve New Zealand’s gifted community through the provision of services and resources, the administration of support networks and advocacy for gifted young people. How you can help You can help support extraordinary minds in your community by supporting a gifted child who may not be able to attend the programme because of funding issues. Find out about opportunities to support extraordinary minds in your community by contacting Ta’ase on 04 576 9243 or Bringing gifted education to our community Perhaps you have a gifted child or know a gifted child? To find out more about our services, visit our website. Each of our programmes provides a safe and inspiring environment for like-minded children to grow and learn. For some students, this is the first place they really connect with their peers, forging new friendships and life-long connections. At the Centre, we believe that meeting a child’s social and emotional needs is just as important as meeting their cognitive needs. Being part of the learning journey Perhaps you have a talent or area of special interest that you would like to share with younger generations. Talk to our office about volunteering in our classes. We are always looking to partner with individuals, businesses or organisations to better support our gifted kids reach their full potential. Contact Rachel at our National Office about how you can get involved, 04 576 9243 or
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