Bruce Duncan
0800 838 888
PeopleNZ is a business consultancy delivering a growth programme called the Elevater. The Elevater is for small & medium service businesses, that have an appetite and a desire to grow and want to take the business to the next level. The Elevater provides the perfect platform to build a multi million-dollar business and create choices in your life. Through a series of workshops the Elevater has been designed to provide the knowledge, tools and templates needed to create complete business clarity and maturity. We strongly believe that complete business clarity and maturity will deliver long term sustainable growth. The first step into the Elevater is the BizCheck. We use the BizCheck in our ‘Measure your Maturity’ workshop to create complete clarity on your strengths and areas of the business that require improvement. We have packaged all our Clarity workshops into four solutions that will transform your business. Completion of all the workshops will create the confidence and commitment you need to drive growth. THE SOLUTIONS Group Solutions Measure your Maturity: ½ day workshop Limited to 8 clients $688 Small business Creating Clarity: 2-day workshop Limited to 4 clients $1,888 Small - medium business Personalised Solutions Measure your Maturity: ½ day workshop The management team $2,188 Medium – large business Complete Clarity: 12 months, 10 workshops 2.5 hr workshops Limited to 10 clients $1,488 per month Small - medium business Contact Bruce to learn more about how the Elevater can transform your business:
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