Keith McGregor
(04) 93 93 606
(021) 66 40 78
62 Knights Road Lower Hutt 5040
As an organisational psychologist, my goal is to help your business to succeed. To do this I can help you to select the right people, train and mentor your managers, supervisors and staff, resolve tensions and difficulties, build effective teams and minimize worry and stress. My background - after an initial four years in light engineering - includes 12 years as an occupational psychologist and commissioned officer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force and 30 years in private practice. Over the years I have worked with front line production and administration staff through to senior managers and chief executives. My approach is to take the best bits from psychological theory and research and translate these into practical, day-to-day tools and techniques that can be usefully applied in the work place. To help you to select the right people we can test and interview your candidates. We can train your recruiting managers in advanced interview techniques to detect deception and negative attitudes. If required, we are also able to develop selection tools targeted to your industry (a previous fun role in the Air Force was developing the armed forces recruiting tests) On the training side, we can tailor workshops to meet your specific needs or present our established programmes. These cover topics such as leadership, motivation, dealing with performance issues, team building, assertiveness, stress and anger management, safety, personal development and conflict resolution. If you think we can help, give us a call or come around and have a chat – we do a great latte Thank you for taking the time to read this. Keith McGregor, Director