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PlanPro is a Lower Hutt-based company that provides HR management solutions for businesses. We work in partnership with your organisation to build towards a smarter workforce by providing structure, software, methodology and support. This enables the organisation to engage with, nurture, develop and retain their people. We actively seek out those companies that genuinely value the worth of people in the workplace and want to unlock their potential. These companies are driven by people who recognise that they are influencers and can bring about the right change. Led by our client-centric consultative approach, and aided by IBM’s smart, next-generation HR software, the barriers to really engaging with your people will be replaced by fresh thinking and new behaviours. The end goal is to have a smarter workforce, a smarter business and better outcomes. IBM Kenexa is the next generation suite of HR management tools that are modular, but fully integrated, quick to implement, easy to use and scalable. It includes modules such as assessments, surveys, onboarding, talent mapping, and more. We do the right thing and we do it right. We do the right thing by providing what we think is right software for you, and thereby also doing the right thing for your people, your business and your outcomes.