President Barry Girvan
Rotary Hutt Valley is a dynamic group, of women and men, who meet for breakfast on Wednesday mornings before starting work. We are neighbours, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good. Rotary unites people from all continents, cultures, and occupations—it's truly one of our greatest strengths. Our members are leaders in their fields and communities. Our diverse perspectives help us to see problems differently—and help us solve them in communities both in the Hutt Valley and throughout the world. The Rotary experience is built on service, friendship, business networking, personal development and FUN. Our club is active in raising funds and supporting projects involving health and education, and the development of young people in the Hutt Valley, nationally and internationally. Strong friendships exist among members through the shared activities we undertake. The club has a cross-section of businesses from all walks of life. Rotarians support each other as well as helping those in need. TAKE ACTION. Help us create lasting change in communities here and around the world. Come along to one of our meetings or talk to someone about how Rotary works. Email our President at or call one of the phone numbers on our website -
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