Sue Avison
027 314 6633
37 Nikau Street Muritai Eastbourne 5013
Words are powerful — don’t waste them — use them for greater impact. Say it Once specialises in providing a wide range of business writing services. Newsletters I will work with you to develop a client newsletter, managing all aspects of newsletter production including e-letters and print newsletters. I can: -Source article content -Write or rewrite content in clear, concise, easy-to-read language -Proofread and edit your articles Web content I can write you fresh web content or review and update your existing web content. Easy-to-read content will keep your client engaged. Brochures and Flyers Brochures and flyers are an integrated part of your company’s communication strategy and an effective way to showcase your products and services. A well-written brochure that looks professional, is concise, easy to read and targets your audience, will support all your online marketing efforts. Reports, Proposals, Procedures Many businesses write formal documentation. Reports, proposals, and policy and procedural documents are part of the daily life of an organisation but they can be time-consuming to prepare. Knowing what to say is not enough. Knowing how to write and present your information so it gets read, is what is important. Articles, Advertorials Blogs and Case Studies All businesses have a story to tell and a good story will always sell. Articles, advertorials, blogs and case studies are an effective way of telling your story. Proofreading and Editing Services Say It Once offers the full range of reviewing, proofreading and editing services. Often a fresh set of eyes on a document will see the mistakes you, the writer, may have missed. Sending out error-free documentation is important. It shows you have taken care of the detail. Call me 027 314 6633 or email for an obligation-free chat.
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