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SBA is a voluntary organisation which has been set up as a Business Association between local government and the Seaview/Gracefield business community. The group is supported by the HCC whom have allocated funds to the development of Seaview and the Co-ordinator role. The group holds monthly meetings which are open to all businesses in the Seaview/Gracefield area to attend and a representative from the HCC also joins these meetings. The meetings are a forum for raising local issues and building community connection. At the annual AGM the role of Chairperson and Treasurer are elected on a yearly basis. There are approximately 400 businesses to be found in the Seaview/Gracefield area. For these businesses SBA co-ordinates a minimum of six networking events on a yearly basis, produces a monthly newsletter and provides submissions to local government principally on solutions on issues such as traffic and the physical environment. SBA also runs tours for Secondary School students as part of the STEMM festival. The networking events allow business to come and listen to a speaker as well as having a chance to develop business contacts within the area while the monthly newsletter provides an avenue to update and inform businesses. We are positioned to be the voice for Seaview/Gracefield on all other advocacy based issues that may require local body involvement. SBA and its members assisted HCC in developing the Vision Seaview/Gracefield 2030 plan. This document will guide a range of council policies ensuring that current and future business needs of Seaview are reflected across council activities. The intention of SBA is: 1. To promote the profile of this industrial district through events. 2. Be constantly working towards an enhanced physical and working environment in Seaview 3. Providing opportunities for Business to learn support and grow off each other. SBA understands that place-based problems and issues demand place-based responses.
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