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ABOUT US Survive-it was established in 2006 and is today one of New Zealand’s leading specialists in the provision of civil defence emergency solutions. COMPLETE EMERGENCY SOLUTIONS Survive-it has evolved from being a supplier of standard kits to one that now offers a complete civil defence emergency solution, including the provision of workplace assessments, customised survival kits, workplace maintenance, workplace training and rescue team equipment. We are continually looking for new products and improving our range and offering. We offer free workplace assessments and will reuse any existing items that are deemed fit for purpose. The company today employs a full team including staff trained in civil defence preparedness. When you work with any of our staff, you can be assured of fully qualified and professional advice. We are based in Grenada North Wellington, but we will service and supply the whole of New Zealand. HIGH QUALITY AND STANDARDS All Survive-it civil defence emergency kits are based on the recommendations of Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM), ensuring the highest standards of performance and value for money. It is our policy to not compromise on product quality, constantly searching for the safest and most reliable equipment that will work in an emergency. We also offer an on-going maintenance programme for businesses which ensures important equipment, food and water is never out-of date. SURVIVE-IT HAS PARTNERED WITH DISASTER PREPARE LTD TO OFFER A RANGE OF SERVICES:- STAFF SAFETY TRAINING Prioritise what to do in the seconds, minutes, hours and days following an earthquake. Following a Wellington earthquake most CBD businesses immediately evacuate their building using standard fire evacuation procedures, inadvertently placing staff at risk of serious harm. EARTHQUAKE SAFETY AUDIT An earthquake safety audit facilitates informed decisions. Includes earthquake specific evacuation procedures, identifies hazards requiring seismic bracing and cost estimates. SEISMIC RESTRAINTS It is not possible to make anything earthquake proof. Properly installed seismic restraints reduce the risk of serious injury or being trapped in your building. If it’s big, heavy or irreplaceable - secure it. Disaster Prepare professionally secure heavy items to NZS-4104 standards.