The Confident Eater

Judith Yeabsley
027 731 9402
Creating Confident Eaters Having children that struggle to eat can be frustrating, exhausting and guilt-inducing. At The Confident Eater we work with parents of picky eaters to get things back on track. Our mission is to put the fun back into food and ensure that all children can approach food from a place of safety and joy, not fear. We work one-on-one with parents, run workshops for schools and ECE’s, parent groups and educators. Our programs are non-medical and focus on practical, gentle strategies that caregivers can master at home. Parents are almost always best placed to resolve eating issues. No one is more invested, spends more time, nor knows their child as well. All methods have been proven to work, even for the most selective of eaters. Resolving fussy eating can be life-changing. Learn: - How to put the fun back into food - Unique, gentle ways to encourage trying new foods - Ways to cook only one meal per night with everyone participating - Strategies for expanding the variety of foods accepted - The language, structure and dynamics that support long-term positive eating At The Confident Eater we offer a no-cost initial appointment to look at what is happening and recommend solutions. If food is a challenge then please get in touch. We have recently published a book “Creating Confident Eaters”. What we offer is unique, does work and is often a “life-changer” for parents. In order to reach more parents we created a book (we refer to it as a guide). The guide takes commonly eaten foods like toast, crackers and pasta and shows parents how to move from where they are to new foods in simple, practical and very gentle steps. It’s not about what to eat but how to get children eating. Woven throughout the guide is a wealth of information about how to approach food and feeding for the best chance of success. Perfect for any caregiver of a 2 - 12 y.o., or for parents wanting to navigate the toddler fussies. To contact us: For book purchase:
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