Angela Llauder
021 165 8168
Level 4 James Smith Building 49-55 Cuba Street PO Box 11-443 Wellington
The Integral Group Limited (TIGL) is a down to earth, pragmatic consulting company who believe in bringing traditional rural values to city business. We are non-PC and our philosophy is simply to get on with the job and get results for our clients - but have fun while we are doing it! We are a group of highly skilled professionals who have been around a while and have worked out fast and effective ways to help solve problems for our clients and make their lives easier. We are passionate about providing clients with practical solutions that are appropriate for them. A common sense approach is applied to ensure our clients’ solutions are successfully embedded with their business. Our areas of expertise include: -procurement -project management -negotiating -responding to tenders -knowledge management. We do what we do well so you can do your core business well. Our approach to working with clients is typically: Strategic problem identification This includes: -initial analysis -client discussions -set objectives -discuss strategies Problem investigation This includes the Right Track workshop which covers the following: -background -project objectives -stakeholder analysis -risk analysis -needs and wants analysis -strategy development Programme plan This includes: -further analysis and recommendations -putting the client on the right track -identifying remedial and ongoing projects -prioritisation -next steps Projects This includes: -project management -mentoring and training -handover Training We offer training in all of the areas that we consult in: -project management -procurement -negotiation -winning tenders and RFPs knowledge management -process mapping Knowledge management This includes: -mapping business processes -procedure writing -knowledge base development (eg
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