Wright & Turner Travel Associates

Kylie Wright
04 8200624
021 874164
210 Jackson Street Petone 5012
Travel Associates’ newest store in Petone is now open! With a combined experience of over 56 years, Kylie Wright and her team of Sheldon Swears, Binnie Baria and Tania O’Reilly know that it’s the little things that make the greatest memories. Whether it’s as simple as a room upgrade on your cruise or accommodation, an improvement on your flights, or even just finding boutique marketplaces with delicious and authentic cuisine, they know that these little extras will transform a great holiday into a phenomenal one. Whether you’re after a quick weekend getaway for some premium backyard luxury, or perhaps something in the farthest reaches of the earth, Wright & Turner Travel Associates will get you there. Having travelled the globe and seen the beauty and perfection available, their expert knowledge will effortlessly take you to where you desire to be, in the greatest comfort. For Wright & Turner Travel Associates, travel isn’t just their job – it’s their life, and so if you are in need of a little inspiration, or are ready to book, contact the team today in their beautiful new store for a coffee and a chat, so you can transform your dream holiday into a reality
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