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Chris Sheehan
801 5099
L4, 109-125 Willis Street Wellington
Do you want to protect your brand or idea? Are you unsure what to do? Understand your options to secure and protect your business brand and ideas with our team at Zone, your Trade Mark and Intellectual Property law specialists. We are your brand protection shield, working with your business in two key ways: 1. Proactively getting your brand protected at the outset so that if someone else challenges your business, we’re ready to go. 2. Helping you evaluate the best course of action if you’re facing an IP legal challenge. For 10 years we’ve been de-mystifying IP law and helping our clients to protect their brands and their ideas. We work with businesses of all sizes, in domestic and international markets, protecting their valuable brands and opening the way to new business opportunities. Our innovative approach to your IP protection comes from our own journey as entrepreneurs. With our strategic, commercial approach, we look at all possible solutions not just legal. Our transparent processes keep you informed as we develop a pragmatic solution that gives your brand the most protection at a level that works for you and your business. Protecting your IP doesn’t have to be expensive or scary. Using simple language that’s easy to understand, we can help you: • Protect and secure your business brand • Open new sales opportunities in overseas markets • Future proof your business strategy • Ensure you have done all the right things to protect your brand • Maintain your business credibility. Are you ready to discover what robust IP protection can do for your business? For new clients, your first meeting is free of charge, helping you understand your available options. Talk to Zone Law today about protecting your brand and enhancing the value of your business.
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